Monday, September 8, 2008

Busy Weekend!

This weekend was busy busy! I photographed 2 pieces that I'll be putting up later this week, and I beat my goal of 2 new pieces a week - I managed to make 4 new pieces this week! Generally I don't have a chance to photograph these during the week because I try to get my pictures in natural light and there is not a day of the week where I get home before dark. I'm really excited about a few of the pieces that will be going up. I'm posting my first painting, and I tried a few new techniques for jewelry this time around. One of the pieces I love so much, I'm gonna have to make one for myself ;)

Etsy find of the day:These cool leather cuffs are by hollyhawk - she has some great leather accessories - I really like these buffs for their sort of acid punk look. Also, check out her awesome leather purselets!