Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Damn lunch thieves!

Someone stole my lunch from the freezer today at work for the FOURTH time!!! Who steals other people's lunches at this age!? It's a frozen meal and it doesn't happen often, so I can't trap the person - not that I could figure out who it was anyway since I work in a huge office. We have 7-8 fridges (at least) in the company, and that freezer ONLY has my food in it, so there's no way a mistake was made. It really frustrates me :( I'm gonna have to get a lunchbox - I just hope my food stays cool!

Item of the Day!
These little guys cheer me up a bit. Just look at their adorable little faces and you can't help but to smile! Titaniumhip has tons of cute little monsters and gnomies in her shop that I would love to cuddle.