Friday, October 17, 2008

busy night!

Last night I went home instead of the gym cuz I was feeling icky, but I wound up being really productive! I got groceries at the new Fresh and Easy, which is a really cool macrobiotic/organic supermarket that also has basics like Diet Coke and lean pockets (and glossy star magazines, yay!) then I went home and made the most delicious toss-up meal. It was cous-cous with butternut squash, onions and cranberries and I tossed in spices that I thought would taste good (cinnamon, nutmeg, fennel, a little salt, mint, bay leaves, coriander and allspice) and it wound up being really yummy! After that, I made my beautiful new necklace for my wedding (below) and did about half of my InDesign final project. Yay!

I love love love love loooooove this necklace. I couldn't be more happy with it. Please excuse the fuzziness and giraffe neck, I'm not very good at photographing myself.

Flower item du jour
Once, when I was browsing one of the many thrift stores in my college town, I came across this little polaroid in a book that looked like it was from a back alley in Barcelona or some other old city and it was so romantically old and faded, that despite it's banal content, it was absolutely gorgeous. Sara Norris' photography has the same feel to me. It's sort of antiquey, but with bright, dreamy colours. I especially love her nature photos. Check out the Roots set in her shop too - they're amazing and totally remind me of daguerreotypes at the SFMOMA.