Thursday, October 9, 2008

lots of news!

First of all, the talented Lindsey from lu lu belle is making me an inspiration board for our wedding which I'll hopefully post when I receive it. I'm so excited, hopefully she'll be able to help narrow it down to a cohesive pretty board - I guess I already have a fairly direct colour scheme, I just didn't realise it till I started compiling stuff for her.

My hand therapist just bought a house and she recommended her agent for us - I'm really excited about this because I am really nervous about the whole process (though extremely excited) and it's so much better to have folks based on people's recommendations! Apparently she's got a really cute Aussie accent too. I love Aussies!!!
We're looking to buy around January/February, and I'm SOOOOO excited, not just to buy a house, but at the concept of being able to paint walls!! I've never had a place where I could paint. I'll definitely post pics when we do so.

I'm happy because I just found out I get a huge long vacation in December. I could really use a nice long break, so I'm very happy about this.

Most exciting of all - I entered some contest at the mall where you can win $100k and my name got picked out to go to the final drawing. I really really RREEEEEEALLY hope we win - please send me good luck and wishes!

Whoo! See, I told you it was a lot!

Item of the day
Okay, so this isn't exactly birds, but it's feathers, so close enough. Wildspirits has the most amazing, gorgeous coloured accessories. I cannot get over them. This barette is absolutely spectacular!! This would make for a really striking headpiece at a wedding or even a fun thing to wear to a holiday party!