Wednesday, October 22, 2008

piercing drama!

I had a bit of a drama freakout this morning when my nose ring fell out and was lost! I have no idea where it went, I even took apart the sink to see if it was in there, but no such luck, and my hole closed up while I was searching so I had to repierce it when I put in my backup nose screw (unfortunately, it's gold, which I'm allergic to :( but it's only temporary!) so I'm a wee bit frazzled this morning. Plus, my coworker, with whom I usually split site QA-ing, has Jury Duty today! yuck. Lets hope she gets off soon! Did you all check out the interview with Ruby Red Rose on etsy today? I love her purses and it's a nice interview!

Item of the day!
These gorgeous soft bracelets from Eastern Sky come in TONS of different colours and they are just lovely eye-candy! They look so soft and cozy and pretty, they make me wish I could wear bracelets to work!!! Plus, they're made of vegan cotton, which I think is wonderful, I always appreciate products and services that make a lesser impact on our environment. Here are just some of the colour options (really, you'd have to check them out, there's TONS of options)


lillyella, uniquely you said...

oh what drama - total stinker! I LOVE red ruby rose and I do love those bracelets too - nice finds!