Monday, October 13, 2008


I had a huuuuuge influx of viewers this weekend - I hope they come back again!

I spent almost all day Sunday and Saturday working on my homework - it came out pretty well I think. If I can figure out where to host a PDF I'll show you :) We had to make a newsletter in InDesign, and I decided to do one on budget weddings, since it's a topic I'm familiar with. I decided to go with a florist for the wedding, too, since it's just one less thing to worry about. Unfortunately, I am a flower fanatic. I love Saipua's flowers with a serious passion, but they don't quite fit into the budget I was hoping for...I've also been thinking of overhauling the invitation design, and I'm thinking about separating my wedding stuff into a separate shop, since I'd like to create hair flowers, invitations designs and other more focused items.

I also had a blast this weekend playing with It's so much fun making yourself look silly! I kept a few where I have a big fro, and one with Paris Hilton's hair. Apparently it makes me look like a bimbo ;)

I'll be posting a few more new listings this week. I'm excited!

Since I've been thinking about flowers so much, this week's theme is....tacos! No just kidding, it's flowers :D

I've always loved chemistry - TheOriginalSoapDish's shop looks like the best parts of chemistry! All sorts of fun and lovely smelling ingredients to mix into lovely soaps and skin products. I bet this shop smells like heaven!