Tuesday, November 4, 2008


So I registered to vote by mail, but for some reason my ballot hasn't shown up :( My friend up in Norcal hasn't received hers either, what's up with that?!

I am in the process of getting my wedding invites made, and I redesigned them for the third time on Friday because I decided that my old ones were a little too modern for our wedding, they didn't match the style of everything else we've got. So here are the new ones - sorry for the blurring, it's so no one can copy them =/ since I worked really hard on them! If you like em, I do sell custom invites on my site!

Item of the day:
I'm a cookieholic, and when I get grumpy, like today, I could really use some delicious cookies. I ordered some from KE Cookies last week, and despite my diet...they were gone within a few days. Yum yum! I ordered the chocolate mint, but I guarantee the others are delicious too. Try a mix if you're not sure what to get!