Monday, November 2, 2009

Aevan Arts being sold in a new shop!

I've got a great opportunity and will be selling my pieces in the Glendale Galleria at a new shop called Local Collection - we're opening next week and I'm really excited!
Now I just have to figure out pricing - I've been making new pieces to fill out my collection, so hopefully it won't be too bare.

Some of the old stuff, and some new stuff, I'm hopeful it'll help to have real tangible items for people and browsers will get more stuff sold.


Megan said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog! You'd asked about baby shower gift ideas and here's some of my top thoughts:
1. cute rattles that are easy to hold: here are a version I want and think are cool:

2. The Miracle Blanket. It saved my life and I loved it so much.

3. Books: These also saved my life and I'd wished I'd read them before giving birth to save me some time. They are: Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child and The Baby Whisperer. Both are non fiction saviors.

4. A clothing idea: my sister in law gave me some really cute/fancy diaper covers (white bloomers for Paige to wear under dresses) but she took them and had them monogrammed on the butt...they are embroidered with very fancy monograms of her 3 initials. She has a frilly pink version and a simpler kelly green version. Both are on white bloomers that have pretty ribbons sewn into the leg holes. These were nice because it is something I would NEVER do for myself since it is pricey just for a diaper cover, but that's what made it a nice gift. Plus, Paige was always complimented on her bloomers. :)
Hope this helps somehow!

Aevan Arts said...

oh awesome - thank you so much!

Miss Jeanett said...