Thursday, March 25, 2010


I went bead/chain shopping last night for new materials and I checked out Beadniks. It's a gorgeous little shop in Santa Monica, with tons of pretty pretty things! I splurged a bit - here's what I got (and thanks for all the help Shannon!)

I made this necklace for myself, these stones were just too gorgeous, but I've got enough left over to make a few pieces for the store.

I can't wait to use that silver hill tribe starfish charm - I've been coveting those on Etsy for almost a year now.

these soda/beer cap beads were so cool - I didn't buy any but they are really neat!

Here's an overview of what I got - some gorgeous wooden beads, some faux bone, a bunch of really stunning turquoise, leather cording, the starfish, a bunch of chain (I left some of it at home) and those gorgeous chunky stones I made my necklace out of (I can't remember what they're called!)

I'm a little bummed because I had purchased some really neat charms from sweetrockcandybeads and I somehow lost them - I am praying they didn't get thrown in the garbage accidentally. Wish me luck in finding them!