Monday, April 26, 2010

New pieces

Please excuse the photography...Shows me I need to photograph on a light background for sure!


Lauren Ahier said...

I just started getting into Jewelry making, and I just love your beautiful pieces!
Would love any suggestions you have for getting into jewelry making.

Aevan Arts said...

Thanks! it takes a lot of time, so be sure and dedicate time, and write down any ideas you have or save anything that inspires you! The biggest tip is that, if you're trying to do it for sales purposes, market market market! I'm lazy with that, but I lucked out getting my stuff into a brick and mortar shop for awhile, so that helped because if people can touch it it makes all the difference. Good luck! Link me your shop if you make one :) and thank you!

lauren carney said...

me oh my this is quite a cutesy display!
i must say i rather enjoy the lovely photos you have kindly shared!
happy blogging! x x