Thursday, September 11, 2008


Yay! I got my very first sale, I'm so excited, I started working on them immediately and my fiance and I celebrated with chocolate flourless fudgy cake! (ok, so it was really a birthday cake for him, but his birthday isn't until tomorrow)

I got a little sad when I realised what today is - I have a large print of the New York skyline know...and I got a little bummed out. I had a moment of prayer for our neighbour who was on one of the planes.

On another note, I ordered this really cool chain, and it feels sort of old-fashioned - figured out what to do with it yet. It seems like it might make a really neat charm bracelet or but I haven't something of the sort; maybe a bit too heavy for a necklace. I'm not certain yet *ponders*

Item of the day!!!

These sachets (not these particular ones, obviously) were the very first thing I ever ordered on Etsy, and I absolutely ♥ them.
They smell FABULOUS and they are super cute to boot! When I first got them, I stuck them on my pillow during the day so that my pillows would smell like them when I went to sleep. Plus, pinkdixie is a sweetheart. Check them out!