Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I've been going through the Virtual Labs critique sessions, trying to learn as much as I can about how to make my shop better, how to market, etc. and one of the big points they make is to make your shop look cohesive. Danielle has often suggested using the same background in all of your shots in order to make a definitive statement and a recognizable backdrop for your items, so that if someone sees them, they automatically know it's your shop without looking for your name. I think this is a great idea, but sometimes it can get a bit bland. I think that shops like Muguette Renee have this concept down, and really add their own style. Here's a few examples:

This is a very unique style, different background, but similar colour scheme and vintagey style.

Here's another image from her shop. Different background , but similar composition within the frame, and a similar vintage, shabby chic style.

This background is consistent throughout most of her shots, but the eyes don't focus on it, though they give a magical feel to the items in her shop.

It just doesn't have the same appeal on a simple black background.

Another great thing Muguette Renee does to keep her shop in your mind is to have fabulously gorgeous packaging and add little gifts to every order. It ties everything together with the experience and not only makes you want to order from her again, but makes every order feel like a present!

My find of the day!
I love these earrings from Kateszabone. They feel like shimmery seaweed or coral floating in the ocean, and they're inexpensive enough to make a lovely gift for a friend (or even a favourite blogger ;))