Friday, September 19, 2008


I could not think of a very good name for this piece, so I'm having a Name that piece contest! If you look around my shop, you can see how I kind of name things - I like to keep it short so that the whole name is visible in a search, if possible.

Contest ends Tuesday at noon PST, and the winner gets 15% off any one item in my shop!


Anonymous said...

"Nautically Yours" is my submission for your contest. I like your stuff...very cute!
I'd be up for being interviewed, too. I'm a new etsy seller:

HeArt Collective said...

how about "pele's appeasement"

when i was a kid my God parents lived on the Big Island of Hawaii for years and one thing i remember is that pele is the goddess of volcanoes, fire, lightening and dance specific to the Big Island of Hawaii and
its said that if you take the lava rock without proper protocol of either a necklace or fruit you'll have bad luck... i think that pele would be pleased with this piece! you, my friend, could take your rock without fear!!!