Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New Series and organization!

I decided to actually start ORGANIZING my blog (it's a crazy idea, right?) so I'm trying to do some theme weeks, promos, and interviews. I've just started an interview series and we'll be featuring 1 per week. This week's theme (I started on Tuesday) is paintings :)

I'm also super excited because I ordered some Moo cards yesterday! I was going to order regular business cards because they're cheaper, but I figure the oddly shaped Moo cards will get more people to pick them up because they look different. I'm really stepping up the promotions game.

AND! I made my second sale! A PIF of a shop logo. I love the PIF (Pay it Forward) concept. I listed another necklace I made this week - I'm not sure about the name - I think that'll be related to my contest this week ;)

Featured item of the day!

I love love looooove(!) this painting by Michelle Daisley Moffitt. It's called 'Out to Sea' and it's absolutely gorgeous, not to mention incredibly affordable!! Her shop is full of beautiful abstract pieces, so check it out!