Thursday, October 2, 2008

blogging from home

I took a day off today so I woke up rather late. Check in tomorrow - it's interview day and I'll be having a special bonus for my readers :) We're having a 'prom' at work, so I'll be online early for sure!

I ran across this ADORABLE little guy yesterday, and I think he is too cute! I might even get one of these for my wedding :) He's a gnome, but he's a bunny...gnomebunny knows da trouble I seen? Moon's Creations has the cutest little amigurumi bunnies, birds, and bears, even little ones dressed up just for halloween! Plus, she has really great photography. Wouldn't that be the most awesome thing to get in your trick or treating bag!? Ahhh! they just make me want to squee!