Monday, October 6, 2008

Monday Monday

I didn't get a chance to upload on Saturday because I was busy busy, but I did make a whole bunch of new pieces and a really cute purse from a pattern by Keyka Lou.

I made the purse out of scraps I have from fabric samples back when I worked in interior design

I think it came out pretty cute! I also made a necklace for my wedding, which I'm really excited about. My first experiment really mixing up chains. Please excuse the crappy quality - I have no light in my office and I finished this late last night.

Anyhow - this week is Bird week!

I love birds as a print, though I'm not really a bird person as far as the actual animal, they certainly are pretty.

I love OIive's shop. It's often on the front page for a reason - her stuff is cute without being cutesy, and fun and retro, but still modern.

When I was a kid, my very crafty aunt used to send me letters with lots of confetti and embossed stamps and everything and I loved opening them because they always seemed like little gifts. This confetti would be so much fun to receive in a letter, I think I'd save it all and keep sending it on to my friends.