Thursday, November 20, 2008

first craft show!

I've got a place in my first craft show over at the hub's work place. They were having one through my company as well, but I'd have to pay and bring my own table, etc.

I think I have a list of what I need to pick up - receipts, a cashbox, change, a tablecloth, labels, boxes possibly?

It's exciting! I want my packaging to be cute, too, so I was browsing etsy, and found buckets of cute things - but I think I may go to a party supply shop and buy my own, to avoid shipping costs.

Totally unrelated, I was browsing yesterday and came across bronwen handcrafted. I absolutely adore her gorgeous baby slings, which could double as really stylish scarves - not to mention her gorgeous necklaces. /covet


eeniemoni said...

Good luck at your Craft Show! I bet, you'll do really well.

Aevan Arts said...

Thanks!! I hope so *crosses fingers*