Friday, November 21, 2008

yay flowers!!

I'm really excited, I spoke with a florist down in San Diego today and she can do all of our flowers for close to our budget - now I've just got to convince my mum!

They're really strongly influenced by Saipua and a wedding I saw on one of the blogs I frequent (I can't remember which!) I'm so excited for the possibility of getting the actual flowers I want within our budget, since everyone else has been giving me options for the wrong kinds of flowers or totally outside the budget for the right kinds.

I'll post the details when I get them ;)

TGIF as usual! Extra specially so since next week is Thanksgiving. I feel like this year is speeding by now that it's getting near the end! We get to go look at houses tomorrow and I'm hoping, finally, the new one that I really like that's well below our budget!

I found these really cool paper crafts that would make gooooorgeous wedding/holiday/any day decorations. How often is it that you find decorations that are beautiful enough for celebratory events, but classic enough to look beautiful and not overdone in every day living?

The piece on the left is by Homemade Circus, who makes these beautiful, folk art, papier mache pieces d'art. These would be a great cake topper (or tree topper!) I love the little birds and I love circus/amusement park themed things, so these really make me smile.

On the right is a fantastic paper butterfly wreath by Royal Buffet, made of recycled paper. I love the blue, but she can make other colours if requested! I love that they're delicate, but sturdy, and I love that she's reusing. She also makes stunning mobiles and garlands.


greenemama said...

thanks so much for including my wreath!