Thursday, December 4, 2008

yum yum

I woke up with really bad vertigo this morning but it seems to be going away...I'll just hold onto this table here...

My cookies for the secret Santa thing came today, and I'm a terrible secret Santa and stole a couple (there were a dozen, so sue me ;)) Oh. my. gawd. they are to die for. SO good, melt in your mouth, throw your head back in ecstasy good. yum! Check out the cookies from KE Cookies.

I also remajiggered a few monograms for a client today, and they came out really pretty! They're very striking in black and pink - I just wish I was better at hand drawing. I'm thinking of possibly getting a tablet sometime in the future - but in my experience I have a hard time drawing on them because I can't see what I'm drawing directly under the lines. The pen shape does give a bit better control though.

Etsy fave of the day:
This picture is just so adorable and sweet - I love it. Irene Suchocki's shop has a very nostalgic, romantic feel. I really like the overall colour scheme :)