Wednesday, December 3, 2008

craft fair

I went to the craft fair at the main lot today and it was really cool seeing everybody's display setup. It gives me lots of ideas, and it was interesting to see all the jewelry too, just to get an idea of what other people make. I saw a lot of gorgeous bead caps and some fancier versions of stuff that I make. Man, was the pricing crazy! I am glad I decided not to show in this show because there was a ton of jewelry, but it did make me aware that I need to make more stuff before the show next week!

I did, however, run across Lady Chocolatier - and these were absolutely delicious! Yum!

I was also thinking about holiday decorations (table settings and holiday decorations - slightly related ;)) and I think this wreath from beachgirl8078 would be lovely for a beach cottage or just to bring a little warmth to some colder states. It would make a pretty companion for my little shell wreath! (on the right)