Monday, June 22, 2009

for real this time - I hope!

I picked out what I hope are the final paint pictures - now that we've got the windows and bathroom nearly done. All colours are from Lowe's except Lime Light and Contemplation (they're Behr, but we did colour matching since we have more Lowe's coupons) I wanted to go a little bold in the bathroom so there's a pop of colour! Here are the house pics -

Kitchen – Lime Light – light minty green
Bar – Martha Stewart Bleached Driftwood MS178 - greige
Master Bedroom – Valspar Ultra Premium La Fonda Mirage 5003-5B – blue/grey
Office – Contemplation – grey/green
Dining Room – Martha Stewart Ledger MS314 – light green
Hallway/Laundry – Seaside Retreat Sea Salt SR103 - beige
¾ Bath – Seaside Retreat Sanibel Gray SR110 – blue grey
Living Room - Seaside Retreat Nautilus SR104 – light greige
Full bath – Earth Elements Blaze EE2080C – red/pink

Ceilings –
Kitchen – White
Bar – White
Master Bedroom – Seaside Retreat Idyllic SR111 – grey/white
Office – Seaside Retreat Idyllic SR111 – grey/white
Dining Room – White
Hallway/Laundry – White
¾ Bath – White
Living Room – White
Full bath – White

Edit: I just noticed the paint I picked kind of matches my journal background! I guess it's pretty obvious what my style sense is...