Thursday, June 11, 2009

to do

New pics of the house - sorry they're tiny, they're from the appraisal report - I haven't fully unpacked yet, as you can see!

-repair tile in large bathroom
-save for master bath
-add closet fixtures
-add light in closet
-replace light fixtures
-replace doors on two bedrooms
-replace doorknobs throughout
-replace exterior door in back
-replace windows
-refinish front door
-tear out old garden and replace (see my garden pics at
-fix/replace 3/4 bath
-get dishwasher basket
-window treatments
-get a new bed for master
-new rug for dining room

I think that's all...they're in no particular order, but we're already on point for the windows and painting and we've already got the painters and closet guy lined up for after that! bye bye money...