Monday, December 1, 2008


I'm back! I was so busy during Thanksgiving, and I do not yet have a laptop (though I'm thinking of buying one) so obviously, no time to post.

The trip was lovely, I always love to visit family and friends, but I'm glad to be home! I missed our comfy bed and cable tv and my computer.

Over the break, I ordered our custom cake toppers from berrysprite, aren't they the cutest?! My fiance's nickname is peachy, thus the peach, and I am obsessed with teddy bears, thus the little lemony cutie! *squees*

I also ordered some gorgeous labels to go with our wedding invites from bohtieque, and they're lovely!

My brother has gotten really tall, he's 5'2" and he's only 11 >.< He was a super cuddle bug when we visited, which was so nice, and I also got to see my best friend and nieces! Plus yummy yummy food - though luckily there wasn't enough to overstuff myself! I hope you all had a happy break and enjoyed yummy times too!